Testimony Experience

Served as expert witness for liability claims on behalf of plaintiff/defendant attorneys, as well as insurance companies.

  • Testified in a slip and fall case, in which the plaintiff slipped on a spill of a food substance in the dairy aisle causing injury to the right leg. Scientific evidence based on spectroscopic analysis of the stain was presented that proved the substance extracted from the plaintiff’s pants was a food substance from the floor of the establishment and not a grease or oil which could have originated from another source.
  • Testified on behalf of the building maintenance company whose employee applied an adhesive to repair the cover of a window air exchanger unit that this action could not have released harmful levels of VOCs sufficient to exceed the OSHA permissible exposure limits inside an apartment dwelling.
  • Expert disclosure on behalf of the property management company, demonstrated that the building’s ventilation and electrical system was not a contributing factor in an explosion and flash fire caused by the tenants ( a sign painting company), who mistakenly mixed together two incompatible chemicals. These two chemicals (a powerful oxidizer and a flammable) did not require a source of ignition or oxygen to spontaneously ignite and explode.

Other Expert Reports, Rebuttal Reports, Affidavits, and Supporting Documents:

  • Personal injury claim from alleged tainted eye drops.
  • Gasoline manufacturer’s claim of illicit gas blending with competitors’ products. Demonstrated the lack of reliability and accuracy in the chemical analysis of tracers present in brand name gasoline thereby refuting allegations of illicit gas blending.
  • Action against a pharmaceutical supplier/packager. Resolution of the actual versus advertised concentration and potency of glucosamine/chondroitin in packaged pharmaceutical mixtures.
  • Personal injury and property damages claim for alleged inadequate ventilation and electrical wiring contributing to a fire and explosion caused by an exothermic chemical reaction from the mixing of two incompatible chemicals.
  • Personal property damage claim arising from alleged improper mixing of chemicals used in mold remediation practices. Produced evidence of odors generated by microbial action.
  • Personal injury claim allegedly resulting from the improper application of plaster of Paris splints causing burns to patient.
  • A claim of poor indoor air quality arising from a co-tenants’ gold refining operations.
  • Personal injury claim by a consumer against the manufacturer of a sewer drain cleaner. Produced evidence of incidents/examples of violent chemical reactions not adequately addressed in manufacturer’s warning labels, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), and product brochures.
  • Personal injury claim for an alleged asthmatic reaction to carpet shampoo cleaner. Demonstrated that the active chemical in the cleaner was degraded by natural chemical reactions in the environment. The room ventilation air changes further reduced the computed air concentration of the chemical to immeasurable quantities.