Forensic Chemical Investigative Experience:


Chemical Investigations Related to Chemicals in Consumer Products

  • Investigation and determination of potentially harmful chemical contaminants (contact and/airborne) from various consumer products
  • Chemical product defects and manufacturer’s liability
  • The presence of dangerous/harmful chemical compounds in consumer/ commercial products without consistent and accurate manufacturer’s warnings on product labels, safety data sheets, product literature, demos, videos, and other “literature”.
  • Inadequate hazard warnings on labels and safety data sheets for the proper application, use and incompatible products mixtures.

Chemical Fires & Explosions Investigations

  • Analysis of violent and spontaneous chemical reactions and causes
  • Investigations into chemical explosions resulting from incompatible reactants
  • Personal injury and/or property damages resulting from violent chemical reactions

Chemical Identification and Characterization of Unknown Materials

  • Slip & fall incidents, contact injuries, and inhalation over exposure from unknown substances and/or chemicals in consumer products
  • Characterization and/or identification of reaction residues to determine the most probable starting materials or chemicals
  • Determination of analytical data uncertainty and degree of reliability of reported data

Chemical Investigations into Soil, Water, and Air Contaminations/Pollution

  • Determination of the extent of contaminants in groundwater and soil
  • Investigation and determination of the extent and most probable sources of contamination in sewers and storm water discharges
  • Extent of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) contaminants in the air space of indoor facilities derived from vapor intrusion from underground chemical pollutants