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Chemical Analysis of Unknown Materials

 Chemical Analysis of Unknown Materials

  • Chemical analysis of unknown materials

    Liquid and sludges in abandoned drums and containers, contaminated soils, and malodorous residues at indoor locations

  • Contaminated water sources, unaccountable discharges into sewer and storm water drains
  • Identification and treatment of hazardous chemicals by chemical oxidation, reduction, precipitation, and neutralization reactions on bench-scale and plant-scale levels to generate a non-hazardous and more easily disposable mixture.
  • Determination of analytical data “uncertainty” and the degree of scientific “reliability” (or unreliability) of reported analytical data.
  • Determination of analytical data uncertainty and degree of reliability in reported data.

Gerard Macri & Associates provide Scientific / Chemical Forensic Investigations, Examination/Analysis of Chemical Forensic Evidence, Analysis and Reconstruction of Chemical Reactions, Determination of Most Likely Chemical Reaction Products, Hazardous Chemical Reactions and Incompatible Chemical Mixtures, Causation of Chemical Fires, Explosions, and Exothermic Reactions, as well as Estimation of Chemical Airborne Concentrations.

We also help with Chemical Overexposure from Consumer Products, Injury from Chemical Consumer Products, Chemical Product Defects and Manufacturer Liability, Chemical Characterization of Unknown Materials, Investigation of Soil, Groundwater, and Storm Water Contamination, Compliance with/Violations of Federal EPA and State Environmental Regulations. Call us for a consultation today.