Gerard Macri

Gerard Macri is an expert witness, forensic chemist, and consultant in the fields of chemical analyses, investigations of chemical reactions and exothermic explosions, examination of forensic chemical evidence, determination of most probable sources of chemical contamination in or injury from chemical consumer products, manufacturer’s product liability, and OSHA requirements for product safety data sheets, product labels and precautionary warnings. He has served as expert witness for plaintiff and defense attorneys as well as insurance companies. Gerard Macri may be reached by email at or call him at (845) 742-6967.

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Personal Injury Caused by a Steam Explosion Triggered by the Exothermic Reaction of a Caustic Sewer Drain Cleaner and Water

Commercial household drain cleaners sold in retail stores around the country contain a combination of fairly aggressive chemicals designed to unclog drains by dissolving grease, hair, food proteins, and other organic waste products. An individual was injured using a caustic cleaner to clear a drain. He filed a claim against the manufacturer. The plaintiff in …

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Personal Injury Claim of Chemical Sensitization Caused by the Vapors Released from a Constructive Adhesive Consumer Product

A New York City pathologist who lived in an upper east side Manhattan apartment claimed personal injury from the inhalation of vapors released from a commercially available construction adhesive used in her apartment while she was present. The plaintiff claimed permanent pulmonary distress, asthmatic symptoms, and sensitization to the smell of virtually all other chemicals …

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An Explosion Caused by the Mixture of Two Incompatible Waste Chemicals without the Support of Air or an Ignition Source

In 2002, a violent explosion from inside the basement of a ten-story building in New York City hospitalized 31 people (four critically) and caused extensive damages to the masonry structure. The blast dislodged portions of the basement ceiling and inside walls, the collapsed the concrete stairwells and portions of the elevator shaft, and shattered glass …

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The Scientific Method in a Slip and Fall Litigation Claim

A slip or trip and fall accident can occur in almost any location, from a wet floor in the grocery store to a dangerously uneven sidewalk. Not every situation gives rise to legal liability, but valid slip and fall claims are filed and settled every year. Oftentimes the defect in or an obstruction on the …

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